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Fort Wayne Pools is an industry leader and innovator: the first to manufacture polymer pool wall panels and the first to create liners that recreate the look of tile. For its engineering and design innovation, Fort Wayne holds multiple patents. We offer two types of technically better vinyl liner pools:

The Elite Polymer Pool

The Elite Polymer Pool combines the strength of the materials used with the strength offered by the overall design. Made of structural polymer like that used in sports equipment and army tanks, Elite wall panels have unrivaled strength. Supporting the panels and decking are the braces. Polymer braces are attached directly to the wall panels every three to six feet. The braces ensure that the pool retains its shape and prevents the deck from settling.


The Sterling Steel Pool

The Sterling Steel Wall Panel and Braces utilize galvanized steel along with innovative design to provide superior structural integrity. Each wall panel features a 5” top and bottom flange and a 1” back bend and under turn, creating a “triple bend” panel. These features enhance the strength of the pool for a lifetime of enjoyment.

A Fort Wayne pool...
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Your dream awaits! No matter what your dreams are for your swimming pool, an inground pool from Fort Wayne Pools will make them come true. Regardless of the size of your budget or backyard, our high-quality pools will provide a lifetime of entertainment and enjoyment for your family.

A step ahead!

Fort Wayne Steps™, with the patented TES system, are designed as an integral component of the Elite Polymer or Sterling Steel Pool System. They are built to deliver absolute rock-solid performance.

Certified quality!

Fort Wayne pool products are ICC Certified, telling building inspectors and engineers that they are code compliant.

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