Latham Pools


Steps: Vinyl Over Polymer

Vinyl Over Polymer Steps

Sturdy Elegance... Endless Beauty

The vinyl over polymer steps allow you to extend the beauty of your liner to the entry point for your pool. When you choose a polymer base under the liner for your entry point, you’ll have a sturdy non-corrosive foundation for the life of the pool.

The vinyl liner also provides a soft, smooth texture to walk or sit on and brings a cohesive beauty to your pool. Choose from a wide variety of steps and benches to create your favorite part of the pool.


Modular Vinyl Over Polymer Forms

The Vinyl Over polymer steps are built with a strong polymer foundation utilizing interior braces with a solid polymer top, which is covered entirely with a beautiful Latham liner for a completely custom look.

All vinyl over polymer steps can be used in any of our polymer wall pools or steel wall pools.

Open Top Vinyl Over Polymer Forms

These Vinyl Over Open Top polymer steps are filled with stone and topped with concrete for a strong foundation before being covered with a custom Latham vinyl liner.

Vinyl over polymer open top steps can be used in polymer or steel wall pools.